Elcarim 100% Pure Juniper Berry Essential Oil 10ml


  • Natural antiseptic
  • Boost digestion
  • Effective insect repellent
  • Greats in reducing high blood pressure
  • Helps reduce cellulite
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Botanical Name: Juniperus communis

Origin: India

Extraction: Steam distillation of the crushed, dried (or partially dried) berries. A cheaper, inferior quality oil is also distilled from the needles and wood. An even lower grade oil is produced from berries that have been fermented and distilled in the making of gin.

Nature of the Oil: The oil captured from the needles and wood is not recommended for aromatherapy, neither is that extracted from fermented berries. The highest grade juniper berry oil is virtually colourless. The aroma is fresh and woody with a pleasant peppery overtone. Its odour effect is uplifting to the spirits and yet also warming an calming; a reputed aphrodisiac

Properties: Antirheumatic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, carminative, cicatrisant, depurative, diuretic, emmenagoguic, nervine, parasiticidal, rubefacient, sedative, sudorific, toxic, vulnerary

Aromatherapeutic Uses: Skin and hair care (oily), acne, weeping eczema, haemorrhoids, wounds, cellulite, arthritic and rheumatic complaints, muscular aches and pains, loss of periods outside pregnancy, painful menstruation, cystitis, pre-menstrual syndrome, nervous tension, stress-related disorders

Blends Well With: Bergamot, cedarwood, cypress, frankincense, geranium, lavender, neroli

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Main Material

100% Pure Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Recommended Dosage

• Massage: 2 drops to 10 ml carrier oil; • Bath: 5 drops in full drawn bath; • Ceramic Burner/Aroma Lamp/Mist Diffuser: 2-3 drops in a bowl of water; • Vaporiser: 4-5 drops in a bowl of vaporizer; • Not to be taken orally. • Store below 30˚C in dark, cool place, out of direct sunlight. • Do not apply directly to skin. • Keep out of reach of children.


Although juniper oil is often cited as being irritant to skin, this may be due to the fact that the market is flooded with adulterated juniper oils masquerading as ‘pure’. The lower grade oils extracted from the wood or the berries are often adulterated with turpentine. Juniper in any shape or form should be avoided by those with kidney disease as it may be nephrotoxic if used without specialist knowledge. Avoid during pregnancy

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1 x 100% Juniper Berry Pure Essential Oil 10 ml

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