Elcarim Rosehip Oil 100ml


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Latin Name: Rosa species

Description: The oil is a golden reddish colour, due to the carotenoids in the hips, and, as it is produced from the fruits or berries of wild bushes, it can be said to be an organic oil.

Method of Extraction: Seeds make up 70% by weight of the fruit and these are the source of the oil. It is extracted and refined using adaptations of conventional methods. The hips are first dried at temperatures which are kept below 80°C in order to avoid possible degradation. They are then split in order to obtain the seeds which are themselves broken down via a grinding process. A rosehip oil is obtained by simple cold expression in Chile.

Therapeutic Properties: Rose hip oil contains small amounts of trans-retinoic acid which gives it therapeutic properties. The oil is antiscorbutic, antihaemorrhagic and diuretic.

Cosmetic Use: Rose hip oil may be used in cosmetic creams and lotions. In Chile it has been found that the oil is a tissue regenerator, having an effect on the skin to prevent premature ageing, minimize wrinkles and reduce scar tissue.

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100% Pure Rose Hip Oil

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1 x Rose Hip Oil 100ml


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