Elcarim Olive Oil 100ml


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Latin Name: Olea eltropaea

Description: Olive oil is slightly green owing to the retention of trace amounts of chlorophyll, the green coloring matter of plants.

Method of Extraction: Like avocado oil, olive oil is obtained from the flesh of the fruit and not from the stone or kernel. The picked fruits are left in the sun until they begin to ferment, whereupon they are gently crushed (so as not to fracture the stones, which are then removed) and the flesh is pressed. The resulting oil is centrifuged and filtered for clarity. The first portion of oil is known as virgin oil and the oil obtained at the very beginning of the pressing is known as extra virgin oil or first pressing. The fruits yield about 18-20% oil and it is relatively expensive.

Therapeutic Properties- External Use:

Olive oil has been recommended for disorders of the liver and hyperacidity (it reduces the amount of acid produced in the stomach), and it is mildly purgative. It is considered a healthy food oil because it increases the secretion of bile and acts as a laxative through its contracting effect on the muscles of the bowel. Recommended as a part of a diabetic diet, the oil has also been used as a preventative agent for osteoporosis in the St Louis Hospital, Paris.

Olive oil has the properties of being calming, demulcent and emollient.

  • Burns
  • Sprains
  • Bruises
  • Insect Bites
  • Relieves itching of the skin
  • Weakly astringent
  • Weakly antiseptic
  • Has been used to massage the gums of people suffering from pyorrhoea.

Cosmetic Use: Olive oil is used in shampoos, soaps, face powders, hair colouring, lipsticks, emollients, brilliantines, anti-wrinkle oils and eyelash oils. It is beneficial to dry skin; when mixed with honey, lemon juice and egg yolk, it makes an anti-wrinkle mask. Replacing the honey with lemon zest gives a mask suitable for oily skin. Olive, sesame and avocado oils mixed together in equal proportions makes a blend which affords some protection from the sun.

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100% Pure Olive Oil

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1 x Olive Oil 100ml


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