Elcarim Grapeseed Oil 100ml


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Latin Name: Vitis vinifera

Description: First produced in France, grapeseed oil is now produced mainly in Spain, Italy and California. Grape seeds yield a high quality oil which is edible and it is now widely known thanks to its food and dietetic properties. The refined oil keeps fairly well, is tasteless and almost colourless. A very fine oil, it is used to lubricate watches.

Method of Extraction: Vine growing regions produce large quantities of grapes and after vinification and distillation the wasted grape seeds are washed, dried, ground and pressed with aid of heat (necessary because there is only 13% oil in the seeds). It is not available cold-pressed. The extracted oil may be refined to improve clarity and flavour.

Therapeutic Properties- External Use: 

  • Leaves the skin with a smooth satin finish without being greasy.

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100% Pure Grapeseed Oil

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1 x Grapeseed Oil 100ml


Grapeseed oil has no known contraindications and is non-toxic. Please consult us for any recommendation of essential oil using this carrier oil

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