Elcarim Coconut Oil 100ml


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Latin Name: Cocos nucifem L

Description: Coconut oil is a solid being a white, crystalline, highly saturated fat which melts about 25°C, having a distinctive, easily recognised odour. It is stable when exposed to air.

Method of Extraction: Coconut oil can be obtained by cold pressing the flesh found inside the shell of the coconut, but is often solvent extracted.

Therapeutic Properties- External Use: The oil is frequently used in massage creams because of its emollient properties

Cosmetic Use: Coconut oil makes the skin smooth and satin-like, although it has been known to cause skin rashes. It is much used as an emollient for the skin and as hair pomade and because of its lubricating properties the oil is used in lipstick and soap formulations. Many hair conditioners contain coconut oil because it is beneficial to dry hair, and those tropical races who anoint their hair with coconut oil from childhood seldom go grey or bald. The oil aids tanning and does not filter the sun’s rays.

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100% Pure Coconut Oil

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1 x Coconut Oil 100ml


Coconut oil can cause an allergic reaction in some people, especially the solvent extracted oil. Please consult us for any recommendation of essential oil using this carrier oil.

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